127 Hours – Never Give up !

Originally written on- on Sunday, January 9, 2011 at 12:11pm 
Seldom have I felt so strong about movies. I was in awe when I saw Avatar/ Titanic, cried my heart out when Michelle McNally said she owes everything to her teacher in Black, Wondered at the greatness of Shobhana’s acting skill in ManiChithraThaazhu, but never did I think that in spiteinspite telling myself a couple of times “Its just a movie, its just a movie, dont worry” I would be drawn into a world from which I could never come back .
Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours is a movie from which, even if you want to think about something else, you would never be able to draw your attention away.
There are some strong scenes, not for fainthearted , and some eye watering Cinematography.
Take for example that scene which shows the grandeur of the mighty canyons or for that matter the scene which shows the marching clouds covering up the entire surface in a flash, and the subsequent rain and flood. Truly breathtaking.I do not wish to explain the ‘strong sequences’ and take away the charm those “particularly nasty” sequences carry with them.
The actor James Franco who had played Harry Osborn in Spider Man, plays the role of mountain climber Aron Ralston, who became trapped by a boulder in Robbers Roost, Utah, for more than five days in 2003. I am no one to judge the acting prowess of anyone, but I found him immensely real and very original.
A R Rahman’s musical score adds to the strange situation encountered by the protagonist. The music never obstructs the narrative and only adds to the beauty of each shot. It may be interesting to note that A R Rahman uses the starting part of “Usurey Poguthey” at about 45 minutes into the movie. (May be a tribute to Mani Ratnam ? ) It seamlessly blends to the sequence.
I am so honoured that I got to watch 127 Hours. This year the psychological Black Swan and Christoper Nolan’s “Inception” may have taken you by surprise through their novel concepts. 127 Hours shows that a movie can be declared a Masterpiece by only relying on a breathtaking story, and script ! It is no wonder if the movie gets maximum Oscars this year, definitely better than Inception and Black Swan and Toy Story or for that matter any other , I have seen the last year 🙂

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